Estetika Indonesia is an Indonesian company founded by Mr. Ronald Wannee in 2002 in Yogyakarta. Being located in a land that is richly endowed with natural resources, we see this opportunity to develop high quality handicrafts as well as to support government efforts to promote non oil exports.

As one of the market leaders in the field of handicraft in Indonesia especially in Yogyakarta, we determine to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with various parties and provide excellent service to our customers.

In order to stay current, we work together with more than 52 artisans that are scattered throughout Java, Bali and Lombok. We produce varied home accessories including storage, table top, wall decor, statues, bathroom accessories and more.

Along with the rapid development of globalization, it is a challenge for us to stay current while continuing to improve productivity, product quality and excellent service. In order to maintain our position in the market, together with our dedicated and qualified team supported by an extensive network of production, we continue to push forward and face the challenges of globalization and the rapid progress of the world economy.

Corporate Commitment

We define a standard work attitude in order to retain our corporate commitment in every aspect and enforce our entire resources to serve:

1. Customer

Providing the best service and building a relationship of mutual respect and intimacy as well as beneficial to both parties.

2. Partner

Developing a professional cooperation as partners to achieve mutually beneficial conditions.

3. Team

Our team is the most valuable asset of our company. Their development, progress and well being are one of our main priorities.

4. Society

Our work atmosphere encourages each employee not only to socialize within the walls but also out in the society and consider the society as an important part of the company.

5. Environment

Every human activity can affect the natural environment. CV Estetika Indonesia understands that it the company's obligation to preserve the environment to maintain a balanced environment.

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